Hello there!

Something must have form to be seen but must make sense to be understood and used.

Klaus Krippendorff

Normalnice was founded by Piti Patcharavalai in 2010. We design and build friendly artifact.

Our focus during the first decade was on online news and media. However, we eventually discovered our values in the area of product/project discovery and strategic design consulting.

Way of work
We have a lean structure and focus on product/project discovery. We outsource work to highly skilled professionals based on project needs, and our strong partnerships allow us to collaborate efficiently.

Our company’s core values are our data-driven design approach and focus on measurable goals and impact.

Topic of interest
Information architecture · User experience design · Product design · Information design · getting things done · natural planning model

Professional Design service
Information architecture · UX/UI design · User research · Concept prototyping · Web or App design audit · Slide decks · Pitch decks · Direct mail · Trade show banners ·

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